P12 Lounge Club - Brussels Expo

P12 Lounge Club - Brussels Expo P12 Lounge Club - Brussels Expo P12 Lounge Club - Brussels Expo

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A unique and luxuriously decorated setting, with terrace (capacity from 100 to 600 persons). This magnificent lounge is a trendy venue for meetings with a touch of glamour.

The P12 Lounge Club was completely refurbished and decorated by renowned decorators in 2014. It was designed as a VIP lounge for concerts & shows in Palais 12.
Today it has clearly also become a special and exclusive event venue.

The event space is divided into 4 zones, each representing one of the natural elements: water, fire, wind and earth. The refined decoration reflects these elements.
The 4 zones combine easily with one and other, or can be easily separated for smaller groups. At the rear, a large terrace with furniture is particularly appreciated. The event space is also entirely furnished with high bar tables, stools and sofas with low tables. This furniture can of course be arranged to suit your needs or removed. It is also possible to use the P12 Lounge Club as a studio to accommodate your digital and hybrid events.

Superficie Altezza Teatro Scuola Cocktail Buffet interpreti
Strutture per conferenze
P12 Lounge Club 1250 0.0 300 250 600 350
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