Pierre Paulus


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Experience exceptional moments with Paulus Catering…Paulus Catering puts all its experience to work for your private or professional events ranging from the most intimate to the most grandiose.Paulus Catering equals over 30 years of quality, creativity and continued satisfaction at pleasing clients. The entire Paulus Catering team is at your service to take you on a culinary voyage of a thousand and one flavours!Its ever-innovative cuisine and sense of perfection are key elements of Paulus Catering’s success, while efficient logistics and a team of skilled artisans mean that hundreds of dishes can be created each week.Concerned about the environment, Paulus Catering is committed to an eco-responsible attitude which is reflected both in its cuisine and in its choices of energy, etc.So place your trust in Paulus Catering and experience some exceptional moments….

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