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Semico nv is one of the leading Professional Congress Organizers in Belgium, working to the highest standards of the industry as our membership of IAPCO confirms. Our team is dedicated to the success of your conference or event. Whatever the size or topic of your congress, Semico nv offers you a complete package of modular services: Financial management, pre-financing, planning, coordination, organization: pre-, post- and during event (partially or completely), consultancy, programme assistance, abstract handling, managing funding and sponsorship, exhibition and promotion. Our unique modullar pallet of services together with our hands-on approach, allows every potential organizer to find quickly what he wants or need. We do like to invest in your upcoming project by offering you a complete financial and practical roadmap, without any strings attached. References: Medical, Corporate, Associations, European and Governmental events in the last 15 years. Contact: Luc Niville

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