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From the depth of the past to the current present, From the charm of the One Thousand and One Night Stories, we extend our magical charm where the Iraqi taste combines the joy of imagination, blended with the scent of the past and the joy of the present.

The cuisine of the Mesopotamia has a long history going back to more than six thousand years. As our dishes reflect Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian and Assyrian cultures defined in food recipes that were prepared then during religious festivals in their temples.

Iraqi Cuisine Such dishes are regarded as the earliest writings in culinary art in history.In our restaurant, we are attempting to offer to our dear guests such traditional taste, in a selective cultural architect environment that is highly distinguished. Although their characteristics do not necessarily express a certain stage in history in the series of architectural development in the Mesopotamia rather successive architectural accumulations and actions for many centuries that trace this unique culture of Mesopotamia.

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  • Rue Jourdan 28
    1060 Saint-Gilles
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