Théâtre Saint-Michel

Théâtre Saint-Michel

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Having opened in 1932, the Saint-Michel Theatre is still drawing in the crowds. Its success is thanks to the quality of its programme. With big names such as Michel Galabru, Eddy Mitchell, Michel Leeb, Richard Berry and even Patrick Timsit, it is easy to why it is popular. A magnificent room with a capacity of 1500 people spread amongst the stalls and two ""U"" shaped balconies give the place an excellent feel. Humour and comedy are what you will find in the shows, although there are some concerts too with philharmonic orchestras. For fans of dance and opera, don't worry, as they also hold shows of this nature. Lastly, international conferences are held here too and politicians such as José Manuel Barrosso, Romano Prodi and even Nicolas Hulot are known to have attended. With its excellent shows and enchanting surroundings, the Saint-Michel Theatre is a must!

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