Yuman Village

Yuman Village Yuman Village

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Located near the Place Stéphanie in the heart of Brussels, Yuman offers you a range of solutions dedicated to the concepts of the circular economy in a space of 1,200m2.

- Circular economy
- Great circular economy's experience
- You find all products from the circular economy while attending the venue.

We offer you a 'one stop shopping' experience that encourages the emergence of new circular economic models, creates local jobs and reduces the number of trips within the city.

Yuman is the first place in Belgium where you will find only circular and sustainable goods and services for your daily life.

Within this temple of the circular economy, you can rent a space of 200m2 for your conferences, seminars, events, meetings, ... and thus encourage inspiring reflections in a unique place.

Superficie Altezza Teatro Scuola Cocktail Buffet interpreti
Strutture per conferenze
Yuman Experience 200 0.0 210 175 190 150
Superficie (piedi) Superficie (metri) Altezza Porte
Strutture per mostre Larghezza Altezza
Yuman Experience 2152 200 0.0 0.0 0.0

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