Journal Tintin Rally 2016

More than 80 cars and motorcycles featured in comic strip panels from journal Tintin between 1946 and 1988 will come alive at the Comic Strip Festival!

After a journey of about one hundred kilometers, these cars seemingly driven straight off the pages of journal Tintin will arrive in Brussels on Sunday afternoon to be judged at the Place des Palais finish line by a special panel. Then you’ll be able to admire the cars at Palace Square for the rest of the day on Sunday.

Owners of vehicles or motorcycles appearing in journal Tintin’s weekly editions between 1946 and 1988 are asked to register using this form in order to bring together the greatest number ever at the journal Tintin Rally.

Two people per car will be invited to blend in and participate in this parade and share a meal with fellow fans. At the end of the race, a panel of judges will award the prizes for the cars that best match the journal Tintin’s drawings.