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Dozens of surprises and activities, each one wilder than the other, have been concocted for you by some of the biggest publishing houses: Le Lombard will celebrate its 70th birthday, with you, at the Comic Strip Festival; The Spirou Festival invites you to its third edition; Delcourt-Soleil and Ballon Media will be at the Festival for the first time, and all join together to offer dozens of exhibitions, hundreds of authors for book signings and always more activities for you to enjoy!

  • LE LOMBARD : 70 years of adventure at Le Lombard!

    On occasion of its 70th anniversary, Le Lombard is popping the cork and making the champagne fizz! Over 50 authors at signings, exhibitions, animated talks, improvs galore, angry birds, pencil strokes and dozens of comic books to be won!

    70 years of heroes and stories; an opportunity to spend the weekend with Thorgal, Bob Morane, Ducobu, the Smurfs and Yakari, and also to relive the adventures of Tintin and go in search of Ric Hochet, Clifton, Jonathan and many others. Among the publishing memorabilia and catapulting Angry Birds, there will be something for everyone!

    For the curious: an exhibition devoted to the surprising collection of La Petite Bédéthèque des Savoirs. For young people: a lesson to be learned while having fun! Children will be able to attend a course taught by the Latouche Institute, dive into the Resistance during the 2nd World War or learn to draw smurfly well. For the nostalgic: talks about the author of Tintin magazine and a magnificent comic book dedicated to the adventures of this famous weekly.  And for everyone: drawing demonstrations, giant Pictionaries, entertaining talks; with prizes guaranteed! All in an area spanning 300 m2.

    With, among others, Andreas, Dimitri Armand, François Boucq, Clarke, Cosey, Bob De Groot, Derib, Erroc, Godi, Olivier Grenson, Mateo Guerrero, Thomas Legrain, François Miville-Deschênes, Nix, Raives, Michel Rodrigue, Turk, Roman Surzhenko, Judith Vanistendael, Warnauts, Zidrou and many more!

    Complete program 

    2016 SPIROU FESTIVAL : authors, fun and grooms à gogo!

    On the programme of this great gathering of fans of SPIROU and the Dupuis comic strips is everything that has made previous years such a success (but with more floor space), with signings, interviews and entertainment from the platform, live drawing sessions with portraits by Bercovici and workshops for children and toddlers. There will also be exclusive photo sessions based on your favourite series, a show by the Mastodonte workshop, masterclasses, a sneak preview presented by Arthur de Pins himself of scenes from the animated film Zombillénium and, last but not least, signings by your favourite authors!

    For three days, some forty authors, including Nob, Yoann, Velhman, Zidrou, Batem, Munuera, Dodier, Feroumont, Janry, Kox, Mathieu Reynès and many others, will be sitting behind their tables with only one goal, to offer you drawings and exchange impressions! Delaf and Dubuc, authors of the world-famous Nombrils, will be the guests of honour as this year's festival is dedicated to Quebec! In addition to the entertainment planned by SPIROU, you will be able to find these two Canadians in their own special pavilion at the Comic Strip Festival.

    But that's certainly not all. This year, the SPIROU Festival will also feature a new area dedicated to GROOM, the new magazine that decodes the news and society in cartoon strip format. A pleasant surprise: edition number 2 of GROOM, which is dedicated to the social networking phenomenon, will be on sale at the Festival. And another pleasant surprise: it will be accompanied by some amazing entertainment! On the programme: The Battle of the News, in which two newspaper cartoonists will face off in an attempt to make you laugh. The Information Challenge, in which an author will have ten minutes by the clock to explain in drawings a supposedly complicated news item. And the Spirouticons, a great game in which you will be asked to guess the names of some great SPIROU series from a set of emoticons. There will be lots of comic books to be won! And as GROOM has decided to decode the social networks, the members of the editorial board will stroll around the Festival with tablets on which you can take part in a grand quiz on this topic, or dress yourself up in a thousand ways using some inspired Snapchat apps. And as a little extra gift: Christian Darasse and Sti will draw small lifelike caricatures of you free of charge to use on your Facebook or Twitter profile! In short: this could be something to really Like!

    And because the Spirou magazine wants to pamper its subscribers, those who report to the SPIROU Festival welcome desk (and all visitors who take out a subscription at that time) will receive a surprise package. This will also be the time to meet the editors! You won't be able to miss them; they'll all be wearing red t-shirts!

    Ballon Media

    On Ballon Media stand, you’ll find a wide range of Dutch comic strips edited by the publishing houses Dupuis, Dargaud, Le Lombard, Glénat, Casterman, Blloan & Ballon Comics. You will meet up with among others : Largo Winch, XIII, Thorgal, Tintin, Spirou, Guust Flater, Blake & Mortimer, Michel Vaillant, Blauwbloezen, Jommeke, Minions… and a great selection of very qualitative graphic novels.

    And this year, Ballon Media is celebrating the 70th anniversary of Lucky Luke! As required by the tradition of the Brussels Comic Strip Festival, you can expect a nice list of authors signings!


    This year Dargaud is going to blow out a few candles with you! That most famous of cowboys, Lucky Luke, and the So British duo, Blake and Mortimer, are all celebrating their 70th birthdays! On this special occasion, Dargaud has entertainment and surprises in store for you all weekend.  On the bill, activities at the stand and outdoors! Signings by several of our authors, drawing workshops for the younger set and souvenir photos to receive and share directly on social networks! Come and listen to a talk by Matteo, the creator of the Marina series, about his work on the Venice of the past and present! And stroll through the royal park, while following special Blake and Mortimer clues!

    Come and meet authors like Vanyda, Renaud Dillies, Matteo, Jordi Lafebre, Roger Ibanez, Nicolas de Hitori, Damien Vidal, Jérémie Royer, Beka, Crip, Joan Urgell, Aimee de Jongh, etc.

    Casterman -

    Delcourt-Soleil - et

    Glénat –

    Groupe Paquet (Edition Paquet, Chours, EP, Kramiek, Place du Sablon) -

    Editions Joker -

    Urban Comics -

    Panini Comics -

    Editions Ptit Louis -

    With nearly 25 years in the industry, Editions P'tit Louis offers you the chance to discover the many flagship titles from its catalogue such as " The Adventures of Vick and Vicky," albums by Malo Louarn as well as series by Dupaxon and Rona. Activities and an exhibition will get you acquainted with the steps involved in producing a comic strip. Bruno Bertin will also be on hand at signing sessions throughout the festival's three-day run.

    Kana -

    Come and brave the big chill by jumping from aa height of 4 metres with the Sky High Survival animation! Kana's new survival series where your survival depends on your agility in jumping from building to building! Come and make the big leap!

    At Kana's stand you can also meet the cartoonists Guillaume Lapeyre, Rémi Guérin and Sylvain Dos Santos for Booksterz (in exclusive release for the Cartoon Festival), and Elsa Brants for her series Save Me Pythie.

    Sandawe -

    The collaborative platform supporting comic strip projects offers three activities on their stand throughout the festival:

    "Publish your comic strip" - A meeting on appointment with a cartoon publisher, aimed at cartoonists who have not yet published an album, to advise them on their work and instruct them on how to get published. To make an appointment, contact

    "Adopt a cartoonist" - Cartoon readers can also help cartoonists get themselves published. In this game you will choose a cartoon project and will go through the different stages to help it get published.

    "Meet a young cartoonist". Are you a beginner? At your appointment share the experience of a young cartoonist, his/her troubles and successes, advice about what to do and what not to do. To make an appointment, contact


    Last year, the Comic Strip Festival inaugurated the ZineZone: a new island making way for a section on the production of the 9th art, too often missed by the general public. Amidst the stream of titles on sale every year in bookshops, it is not at all uncommon for shoppers never to have come across the exotic fish that are the independent publishing houses. For the second year running, the Zinezone takes on board its guests FREMOK (Be), les Requins Marteaux (Fr) and Cornélius (Fr). A few hearty sailors/illustrators will join the crew for booksignings and meetings. An exhibition entitled "Cornelius or 25 years of cartoon strip creation" will also be on offer next to the stand. There will be original strips, silk screening, sketches, preparatory drawings, sculptures, etc.

    Set up in Albi in 1991, Les Requins Marteaux is an atypical structure in the context of comic strip. Combining their skills as publishers, film producers and now festival organisers, their many-faceted approach spreads across all media the often irreverent and uncompromising work of publishing house cartoonists such as Winshluss, Cizo, Felder, Bouzard, Willem, Moolinex, Morvandiau, Anouck Ricard, Morgan Navarro, Nine Antico, Bastien Vivès, Aude Picault, Hugues Micol, Guerse et Pichelin, Khattou… Since 2014 Les Requins Marteaux has published a variable-gender and double-headed magazine. It is Franky (and Nicole) when the summer comes but becomes Nicole (and Franky) at Cornélius when the first frosts arrive in January. A propaganda tool that enables them to acknowledge unknown and talented cartoonists, still just as essential to the project. Today in Bordeaux, Les Requins Marteaux have introduced Fabrique Pola. The projects are more pleasing than ever and the atmosphere is fantastic.

    "Elitism within everyone's grasp" has been the Cornélius family motto for 25 springs. A publishing house that mixes velvet and draughts, it welcomes beginners and famous cartoonists to the same table, serving them with nice but small dishes, because life is short and success fleeting. Once known for its silk screened covers, the  patriarch has never severed the link with the artisanal aspect of the business. Here, publishing is akin to staging. The script is a work to be interpreted, to be presented to readers from the widest possible angle. This concern for the right and proper and the lack of money have preserved the organisation from unhealthy ambition and fragile illusion. As the business is ungrateful, it is necessary to take the time to live and do things right. At the Zinezone during the festivities will be: Fanny Michaëlis, Donatien Mary, Benoît Preteseille and Ludovic Debeurme!

    What is Frémok? Founded in June 2002, from the merger of the two comic strip publishing houses — Fréon (Be) and Amok (Fr) — Frémok is an associative structure that now runs on the energy of its volunteers. Their founders, all cartoonists, make it their common goal to subvert the 9th art. At the avant-garde of Comic Strip, Frémok is a UFO in the field of graphic literature, a platform enabling cartoonists and volunteers to carry out the most extreme experiments, de-partitioning genres, mixing poetry and politics, world view and narrative plasticity, Art Outsider and philosophical concentrate, children's book and comic strip, Contemporary art and demonic soap opera. Frémok believes in the collective, in work and in life. Frémok believes in books, and above all in good books. That's why it will survive even at the end of the book.

    Kennes Edition -

    Bamboo Edition -

    Le Grand Vingtième -

    Edition le Héron d’Argent -

    BD Must Editions -

    Editions Hibou

    Livr’S Editions -

    180° Editions -

    But there is even more! You will also discover (or rediscover) tens of micro publishers and independent authors who will set up in the festival during the whole weekend! With among others : Editions Bande à Part, Skad, 180° Editions, L’Employé du Moi, Khani Editions, Bandes Gribouillées, Esprit-Phoenix...