Special Comic-Themed Impro Match (FR)

The Professional Belgian Improvisation League will get into the spirit of the Comic Book Festival and proposes a special comic-themed impro match at the Marni theatre on Sunday 4 September, with as guests of honor : the illustrators from Quebec!

Each team will be composed of 3 performers and 2 illustrators: one team with the Belgian illustrators, and one with the illustrators from Quebec! The themes and categories will be specially created for the occasion! The performers will improvise in the ring, while the illustrators' exploits will be broadcast live. The performers and illustrators will interact throughout the show, improvising the whole time. Sometimes the designers will begin the improvisations and the performers will finish, and vice versa. Or they will all improvise at the same time, with the performers required to include objects, situations, characters and so on, all of which are the product of the illustrators’ fertile imaginations.

  • Place :

    Marni Theater
    Rue de Vergnies, 25 - 1050 Ixelles

    Info and reservations : 0032 471 68 11 11 or http://liguedimpro.be

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