Juliette Albiac - FSEU


Juliette Albiac - Managing Director - Fire Safe Europe (FSEU)

Juliette is advocating for a EU fire safety strategy. She is leading an innovative and effective communications team whose mission is to improve fire safety in buildings for EU citizens.

Juliette joined FSEU as Campaign Manager. She used the last European elections to launch the FireSafetyFirst pledge campaign to mobilise MEPs. She then developed a grassroots campaign calling to action on fire safety in buildings. Juliette worked at Edelman, GPC and Fleishman-Hillard where she gained extensive experience in campaigning and public affairs. In 2007, she started her practice to help EU Associations to deliver results that matters to their members and the community.

She holds a Master’s degree in Business Law and a Postgraduate Master’s degree in European and International Law. In 2012, she successfully completed the Accelerated Program Management of the Solvay Business School. She is the mother of a 1 year baby girl who is hijacking most of her nights.


How can you elevate your EU campaign from invisible to unmissable?

Fire Safety is a competence of EU Member States, yet EU policies have an impact on fire safety which affects all EU citizens. While the EU has made many important strides to improve the sustainability and energy efficiency of buildings, those strides have sidestepped one of the oldest and most menacing threats in daily life: fire.
Fire Safe Europe was founded in 2011 with one clear and common mission: that fire safety in buildings is made a priority across the EU. From 2011, when fire safety was not recognised as an issue and didn’t have any place in the EU policy debate, to today, FSEU faced many challenges. We would like to share 3 challenges from which we learnt real lessons:

  • The challenge of visibility: Raising an issue at EU level
  • The challenge of credibility: Reaching out to partners and building coalition
  • The challenge of adaptability: Bouncing back from hitting a perceived dead end, learning what works and what doesn’t.