Lee Allford - EPSC


Lee Allford - Manager, EPSC Operations, the European Process Safety Centre (EPSC)

Lee Allford is a former senior manager of the European Process Safety Centre, a company member network dedicated to plant and process safety. For over sixteeen years he led and supported numerous internal working groups, EU funded projects and represented the Centre on several European and international programmes. He is a European registered engineer and currently works as an independent adviser.


From co-operative project to independence

EPSC achieved independent status and registered in Brussels as an aisbl at the start of 2017 after almost 25 years of being hosted by the Institution of Chemical Engineers based in the UK. This presentation tells of the decisions leading up to the announcement of independence in May 2016 and the establishment of a fully functioning company network. It talks of the effectiveness of this approach for meetings that they may have to design in future, especially in cases where there will be contentious subjects, or where delegates need to be forced to see others' perspectives.

This presentation tells the story of how a company network transitioned from a hosted entity to full independence at the start of 2017.

  • The announcement to go independence
  • The start up and the first 100 days
  • The next two years and future