Sami Andoura - EPSC


Sami Andoura - Leader of the Sustainable Development Team European Political Strategy Centre (EPSC)

Sami Andoura is the leader of the sustainable development team at the European Political Strategy Centre, the in-house think tank of the European Commission, reporting directly under the authority of the President. He provides strategic analysis and policy advice for the President on matters related to the policy priorities, including Energy Union and Climate Change, Transport and Mobility, Circular Economy, Sustainable Development, and other issues related to Jobs, Growth, Innovation and Industrial policies. Prior to joining the EPSC, Sami was Professor and head of the European Energy Policy Chair at the College of Europe. He served as Senior Research Fellow at the Jacques Delors Institute, an EU policy think tank based in Paris. He has also been the head of the European Affairs Programme at Egmont – The Royal Institute for International Relations in Brussels.


Carrying associations’ energy to achieve Europe’s sustainable future

The change of landscape in Europe's economy and society provides a renewed opportunity for further interaction between the European Union’s institutions and decision-makers, think tanks and civil society at large on the Future of Europe, its objectives, and its means. The active role played by associations in the sustainability debate, both from a political, social, economic and environmental perspective also encourages to develop innovative forms of cooperation, on which some ideas will be shared at the session.