Responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages

The association of Bordeaux Fête le Vin and eat ! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX is not intended to become a wine festival. It is above all an event-based on a journey of discovery, to let you discover the wide variety of Bordeaux wines. Therefore, the sale of wine by the bottle is not authorised during the festival.

The organisers also prioritise the concept of responsible consumption. For this reason, in exchange for a Wine Pass tasting coupon, each wine grower will offer you 5 cL of his best wine. Tasters may also spit out the wine into the numerous spittoons placed by the stalls. You will also be able to rinse your glasses between tastings.  If you wish to take part in an introduction to the art and manner of wine tasting, go to the Bordeaux Wine School.

In order not to spoil the evening that you will spend in our company, think about organising a way to get home safely.

  • Wine in Moderation

    You love gastronomy and you want to discover or rediscover the wines of Bordeaux? What a better way than to visit the festival “eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX”.

    Did you know that there are very simple tips that will help you plan and enjoy your visit at its maximum?

    • Tip n° 1 – Make a "Ρlan of tasting":
      It is almost impossible to taste all the wines offered at a wine exhibition. Planning in advance is a smart move: visit the official website beforehand or spend some time browsing the brochure offered at the entrance. A wise solution is to choose your preferred houses per pavilion using the coupons you receive with your wine pass.

    For newbies, tasting and sipping a total of 20-25 wines is a good start.

    • Tip n° 2 – Never go on an empty stomach:

    Enjoy the delicious and tasty dishes prepared by the renowned chefs of Brussels present at the festival. And don’t forget to snack throughout your time at the event (e.g. small breaks after having tasted white wines or the first ten producers).

    • Tip n° 3 – It is better to spit:

    The goal is to taste, not to drink. Don’t forget (nor feel awkward) to use the spittoons. Spitting will help you enjoy the wine tasting experience, and taste more wines by remaining sober.

    • Tip n° 4 – Water, water... more water:

    Drinking water after every label you taste is the best way to both appreciate the wine and stay hydrated.

    • Tip n° 5 – Avoid driving:

    Taxi, bus, metro or a designated driver are the best ways to get home safe. Organise your way back home in advance.

    • Tip n° 6 – A few extras:
    • void wearing colognes, perfumes and lipsticks to get the best out of your tasting experience! Take interest in the wines being poured, talk with the winegrowers and discover their universe…

    And always remember:

    • Drinking wine requires maturity: underage people should not drink
    • Pregnant women should avoid consumption of alcoholic beverages

    For more information about the responsible and moderate consumption of wine, the culture of wine, etc. we invite you to take a look at the Wine in Moderation website.