Experience with a MIXITY Greeter

Are you looking for a unique experience to celebrate MIXITY? Françoise will take you to vibrant, colourful Molenbeek and Luisa, who is in love with Brussels, who would love to help you discover the Portuguese district of Flagey. Not to mention Marisol, from Ecuador, who has lived in Brussels for many years and can’t wait to show you the real life of a Brussels “Zinneke”.

Go off the beaten track to discover the diversity of Brussels with one of our ambassadors. The Brussels Greeters are enthusiastic and passionate about their city.

The Greeters experience centres around an interaction between the resident and the visitor based on curiosity, listening, travel, and sharing.

Explore Brussels in 12 different languages!

How to meet the Greeters? Register at www.greeters.brussels Fill in the form with the date of your choice and include your specific interests and the Greeters will take care of everything. It is 100% free. You will meet your Greeter at a given meeting point and will join him or her for a minimum of 2-3 hours.

Together you will explore the neighbourhoods at a relaxed and enjoyable pace.

Free - Maximum 6 persons - Every day between 8 am and 10 pm.
More info: www.greeters.brussels