Reopening of the Royal Museum for Central Africa

What?  The reopening of the Royal Museum for Central Africa (or just the African Museum for short) is keenly awaited in both Belgium and abroad. After a three-year refurbishment, anticipation is mounting to see the finished result of the overhaul. A new pavilion will welcome visitors, and the museum's surface area will practically have doubled. The African Museum will be a place of remembrance of a shared colonial history, and will represent a dynamic platform for people of all cultures and generations to come together and converse. As part of MIXITY, several cultural partners will be preparing a specific programme to help shine the spotlight on Brussels' cosmopolitan essence.

* Beyond its role as a museum, the MRAC has always been a scientific institution whose great international renown stems from its expertise in Central Africa and its uniquely precious heritage that mostly comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo, plus a host of other African regions. However, visitors tend not to realise the sheer magnificence of its collection as usually only 1% is on display.

When?  June 2018
Where?  Leuvensesteenweg 13, 3080 Tervuren