Brussels, the association-friendly city

Brussels, the association-friendly city

Brussels is full of help and resources for associations. If you have any questions or need help on any aspect of your activity in the capital of Europe, please contact the Association Bureau. We will put you in contact with the right person to help you:

European Society of Association Executives (ESAE): The European Society of Association Executives (ESAE) is the hub for association leaders and a platform for senior-level association managers in Europe. ESAE’s goal is to help their members to work both smarter and better by connecting knowledge, insights and people.

Federation of European and International Associations established in Belgium (FAIB): It is a not-for-profit apolitical organization that represents international associations from all walks of life. Together with their Associate members, they offer members a comprehensive guide to setting up and operating a (international) not-for-profit association in Belgium, and organize monthly lunch-debates (conferences) on subjects of interest to INPAs that also gives them opportunities of networking with peers.

International Associations Centre (MAI): The chief purpose of the International Associations Centre (IAC-MAI) is to provide facilities to welcome and accommodate non-profit associations and NGO’s. International associations can request domiciliation at the MAI, under certain conditions.

Union of International Associations (UIA): The UIA serves two mains purposes: to maintain and provide comprehensive, up-to-date, and reliable information on international associations, their activities and concerns, and their meetings activities; and to support and facilitate the work of international associations through training and networking opportunities.

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