Bye-bye Silicon Valley, hello Brussels!

Bye-bye Silicon Valley, hello Brussels!

The Brussels Capital Region is transforming itself into a smart city, where quality of life goes hand in hand with the digital revolution. Time for a closer look at how Brussels is rapidly becoming the digital hub of choice for many organisations and businesses.

European capital, digital capital

The Brussels Region is undertaking many initiatives to become a smart city, a digital hub in the heart of Europe.

The focus of the agency is to integrate new technologies into the everyday life of its citizens and businesses, to pursue the development of digital infrastructure (fibre and wireless networks) and to roll out e-government.

A second key pillar of the agency’s strategy is to further establish Brussels as a research and innovation region, by developing partnerships between the academic world, institutions and the business community and by creating advanced technology centres focused on high-value technology jobs.

As a result, Brussels will be a pioneer in tackling the urban challenges of the 21st century.

Pivotal centre of excellence in ICT

With its universities, concentration of associations and multinationals, R&D organisations and the presence of so many decision-makers, Brussels is a key player in information and communications technology. It regularly hosts congresses and fairs on the latest technological developments and leads the way towards the digital society.

Cutting edge in privacy and data protection

From 24 to 26 of January, Brussels will host the 11th edition of the Computers, Privacy, Data Protection (CPDP) Conference.

For three days, academics, practitioners, regulators, policy-makers, lawyers, industry and civil society from all over the world, will exchange ideas and trends in privacy and data protection.

This year’s central theme is ‘The Internet of Bodies’, focusing on data collection, connected bodies, biometrics, genetic data processing and the quantified self.

Registering is possible on

The best open source software development conference

Every year, thousands of developers of free and open source software from all over the world meet in Brussels during a two-day event, with the aim of promoting the widespread use of free software. The event is free and is organised by the community, for the community.

Developers get in touch with peers and stay up-to-date with all the latest developments in open source solutions. This year’s edition takes place on 3 and 4 February at the ULB campus and will welcome over 5,000 developers. More information on

Digital entrepreneurs

One out of three new Belgian technology companies starts in Brussels, proving the capital has much to offer to students and entrepreneurs. There are many examples of successful start-ups in Brussels, one of which is particularly interesting for the MICE industry.

Eventer is an app in which participants of events can easily share photos of the event. It’s an ideal way of finding,

organising and looking at the best photos. In little more than one year of existence, the app already has over 10,000 users in Belgium and France and has attracted numerous renowned partners.

Eventer recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to develop new functionalities. In just 48 hours it collected over €100,000 euros.

To be continued…