Ontdek het niewe Chirec

Ontdek het niewe Chirec

In December 2017, the CHIREC will be organised around three hospital sites: Delta in Auderghem (500 beds), Ste-Anne St-Remi in Anderlecht (300 beds) and Braine-l’Alleud - Waterloo (300 beds).

Right at the heart of one of the biggest communication hubs in Brussels, the new Delta hospital will pool the hospital activity of the Edith Cavell and the Parc Léopold clinics. A medical and day surgery centre (Clinique de la Basilique) and five medical centres in Brussels (Cavell, Parc Léopold, City Clinic CHIREC Louise, Europe-Lambermont) and in Walloon Brabant (Jean Monnet) will boost the local care availability.

The CHIREC is an independent hospital group with 1,100 hospital beds in the Brussels agglomeration and Walloon Brabant. It has more than 4,000 employees, including 1,170 doctors. Approximately 20% of Brussels patients are cared for at the CHIREC.

In 2006 the CHIREC drew up a 10-year strategic plan, whose keystone in the nineteen communes was the bringing together on a common site of the clinics Edith Cavell and Parc Léopold, in a new hospital.

The first requirement was to obtain a site suitable for the project. With the help of the commune and regional authorities, the Delta site stood out in the narrow choice of properties available.

The foundation stone of the new 500-bed hospital was laid on the Delta site in March 2014. The 450 million Euro project was financed by the European Investment Bank, which is a first in the hospital sector.

In 2017, the merger of the two clinics led to the opening of a high-technology hospital complex offering patients a brand new emergency service, a cancer treatment centre with a radiotherapy department at the cutting edge of technology, a maternity department delivering over 3,000 babies a year and a surgery block with 29 fully-digitalised operating theatres. All the technical medical equipment (radiology, scanners, magnetic resonance, laboratory, etc.) is latest-generation.

Delta's location offers the advantages of improved accessibility thanks to the proximity of the public transport network, motorway access on the E411 and the parking resource.

The building of a new site was also the chance to implement key energy saving and environmental choices. All the buildings were designed with these in mind. A project is underway to create a shared power generation plant with the universities of the La Plaine campus.

The CHIREC is therefore proud to be the driving force of a multi-purpose community complex established in the civic space at the heart of the residential communities in the south of the city, near to Brussels' universities and extensively served by all modes of transport.

  • “We then turned our attention to getting the best value from the Delta West areas, initially assigned to car parking. We have made available the funds required to build underground car parks and use the slabbing that will cover them to erect, within a few metres of the hospital, an integrated housing, student flat, rest home and retail complex, as well as a hotel.

    These structures are closely linked to the hospital's activities and to the life of the neighbourhood'. They offer patients and their families local accommodation, taking account of the continual pressures to shorten stays in the hospital itself”... Dr Roland Fastrez, Chairman of the Board of the CHIREC, explains.

    “Our heartfelt thanks go to those responsible at Auderghem commune and Brussels Regional council, who have supported us enthusiastically and steadfastly throughout this vast project, ensuring the success of our undertaking to everyone's benefit," Dr Fastrez concludes.