The PlazaTheatre : a new "Green Key" certification for Brussels

The PlazaTheatre : a new

Overall, the Brussels-Capital Region now boasts 31 certification holders (20% of hotel rooms recognised by the Region and 80% of youth hostel capacity).

Aside from meeting the mandatory Green Key criteria, the Plaza conference and event centre with its exceptional decor and historic cinema setting, stands out most notably due to :

  • its various energy conservation measures: significant insulation measures for the ventilation system, double doors and strapped curtains to seal out the cold and reduce drafts; energy efficient lighting and an ongoing energy audit;
  • measures undertaken for more environmentally friendly maintenance: eco-label cleaning products (70%), use of microfibre rags, and tight controls on the amount of maintenance products used, use of rain water to clean exterior spaces, etc.;
  • the ongoing feasibility study to replace table linens (tablecloths and napkins) at banquets and seminars with organic cotton products;
  • sustainable food: organic menus upon request at banquets and seminars;
  • environmental communication, especially by means of a satisfaction questionnaire and a "green corner";
  • its social responsibility measures ("Diversity" training for its personnel). 


Le Plaza Brussels