Alberto Garcia Alix >< « Une saison en enfer » (Arthur Rimbaud)


11/01/2019 - 16/02/2019

Alberto Garcia Alix >< « Une saison en enfer » (Arthur Rimbaud)

Deze tekst is niet beschikbaar in het Nederlands. Daarom geven we hem weer in een andere taal.

This new project has been imagined by Olivier Vrankenne and Stefan De Jaeger during the reading of "Une saison en enfer" written by the french poeter Arthur Rimbaud ; the first ever Rock Star.

The reading of this autobiographical book of poetry instantly inspired Olivier Vrankenne. The link that unites the pernicious worlds of Arthur Rimbaud and Alberto Garcia Alix seemed obvious and relevant to him.

To represent the relationship between the two artists, OV project offers a relecture of Alberto Garcia Alix photographs of in the light of curiosity objects belonging to the personal collection of Stefan De Jaeger.

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