09/11/2017 - 09/11/2017

Deze tekst is niet beschikbaar in het Nederlands. Daarom geven we hem weer in een andere taal.

“Who would've seriously thought that Joy Olasunmibo Ogunmakin, the weird little girl with kinky hair, a chipped tooth and a funny smile would one day become a double platinum singer-songwriter.”  It isn’t fame that drives the artist when she writes or composes, though.

It has always been Life itself that motivated her the most.  “When I learned that the story of my Song wasn't only my story but many other people's story, I felt an importance in exchanging my thoughts and feelings with my audience”

More than everything, Ayo loves music.  Music that gave her confidence again, that allows her to communicate beyond linguistic barriers, that helped her open to the others and to Life : “My parents gave me so much more than love. I believe they unknowingly gave my life a new purpose, Music.”

Ayo is a real world citizen, as she claimed in her previous album “Ticket to the World”.  Now living in the United States, she’s proud to present her latest album, lead by a first single that is all softness, groove and r’n’b.  Once more, Ayo gives us a glimpse of her bare Soul…

“You should come to one of my shows these days! :)”

… and this we will, at Ancienne Belgique on November 9th, 2017!

“Love and light, 


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