Crossroads - Travelling through the Middle Ages


22/03/2020 - 22/03/2020

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After Amsterdam, Bonn and Athens the Art & History Museum Brussels will show a wide variety of unique and exceptional objects presenting different materials and techniques from all over Europe from the period popularly known as ‘The Dark Ages’. Crossroads throws new light on this misconception, presenting a fascinating image of migration, contact and exchange – leading to the birth of Europe. The influence of ancient civilisations continued to be felt, while at the same time, new religions from the Middle East began to take hold. Diverse artefacts, going from Visigoth jewellery to parchment manuscripts with Runes and from gold coins from Byzantine Emperors to Coptic textiles with stunning colours and motifs, reveal this cultural exchange.
Price: Members 20€; Non-members 25€ Museum; Pass holders 10€ (for the guide)

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