DJ soFa

01/09/2017 - 01/09/2017

❂❁❂ DJ soFa ❂❁❂
DJ soFa has been digging deep into rare and exceptional music for about 20 years and establishing himself as a wanted DJ who keeps the people moving in numerous different settings. Without limits in time, genre or space, this rare-record-detective delights the most curious ears without compromises. Brussels multiculturalism represented in records! Over the last years soFa has been working on outstanding reissues with cult labels such as Finders Keepers and Sub Rosa and in September he launches his new series of "elsewhere" compilations. Come and get soaked into soFa's very own digger-hole for some outer limits dance floor damage. Bonnefooi regular since the very beginning of Bonnefooi 8 years ago.

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