Dîner performatif We Do Not Work Alone - Avec Ryoko Sekiguchi, Sugio Yamaguchi et Natsuko Uchino


23/05/2019 - 23/05/2019

Dîner performatif We Do Not Work Alone - Avec Ryoko Sekiguchi, Sugio Yamaguchi et Natsuko Uchino

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For Fondation Thalie, WE DO NOT WORK ALONE, the author Ryoko Sekiguchi, the cook Sugio Yamaguchi and the artist Natsuko Uchino were invited to design a dinner around the theme of the Renaissance. Their proposal is a gastronomic and artistic work with 6 hands around the seeds and the potentialities they contain. The dishes designed by Ryoko Sekiguchi and made by Sugio Yamaguchi will be served in a tableware specially made by Natsuko Uchino. The dinner will be accompanied by literary fragments.

Ryoko Sekiguchi
Japanese author and translator, living in Paris. Under the principle of “double writing”, Ryoko Sekiguchi crosses several disciplines and territories; she writes in French and Japanese, translates in both directions, and works on collaborative projects in the fields of literature and gastronomy.

Sugio Yamaguchi
Japanese chef at the Botanique restaurant in Paris. Naturalist and inspired by the finest French cuisine, Sugio Yamaguchi’s style expresses the spirit of the Lyon region whose great chefs have seen him build his culinary identity. He states that “Appearance cooking can only satisfy the eyes but not the heart.”

Natsuko Uchino
A graduate of the Cooper Union (NYC) and the CCA Kitakyushu (Japan), artist Natsuko Uchino has developed a transversal practice between art and ecology, calling for sculpture and installation, the ceramic medium serving as a hinge between agriculture, landscape, environment and conviviality.

Created in Paris in 2015 by Anna Klossowski, Louise Grislain andCharlotte Morel, We Do Not Work Alone publishes, in limited series, everyday objects designed by artists. This editorial project attempts to provide a new answer to the old question on of the links between art and everyday life.

Language: French/English

Admissions: free of charge, by reservation only

Duration: 1h20 approx.

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