Easy Vegan Potluck

23/11/2017 - 23/11/2017

November is EVA's Easy Vegan-month...

The 'Easy Vegan Potluck' is a perfect occasion to share food, experiences, addresses, enthousiasms, good times, tactics for staying calm :D, games ?...

The concept ? Everyone brings plantbased food for 2-3 people. So, no meat, fish, insects, dairy, eggs, honey... But AAAALLLL the rest !! An unimited choice of vegetables, fruits, cereals, nuts, seeds, algae, herbs&spices, cooking or preparation techniques, etc...

We like sharing.. so make small bitesizes so a maximum of people can try them out. Second servings only after everyone has had a first one. Don't pile up too much, in spite of irresistable temptation :D

So far it has always been a very colourful and tasty result.

But please ... No stress ! It's Eeeeaaasy Vegan... You don't have time, maybe you can just buy something nice... or make a nice salad, soup, ... Lost for inspiration ? There are sooo many websites and blogs in every language and ask in this event.

Given certain allergies, intolerances, food choices, ... adding a list of ingredients would be nice.

Praktische info