Frau Blücher and the drünken horses


08/12/2018 - 08/12/2018

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Frau Blücher and the drünken horses -

Frau Blücher and the drünken horses are a female fronted Punk N Roll band from Brussels, Belgium. The band started in 2011 from what was initially meant to be a one-time jam.

The band released three full-length albums made of original material only: "Quick & Dirty" in January 2013, "Lethal Pill Cocktail" in October 2014 and "Über Fenomenal" in March 2017 (all on P.O.G.O. Records). Frau Blücher's songs are written in the vein of the 70's/80's Punk & Heavy Rock and inspired by the likes of the Ramones, L7, Motörhead, Vice Squad, Plasmatics and many others.

Frau Blücher and the drünken horses use to play around twenty gigs a year from small pubs to larger venues. Lately the band was chosen to open for The Addicts, The Lords Of Altamont, Nashville Pussy and The BellRays. The concerts of the Frau are direct, powerful, restless and highly participative!

For the record, the name of the band is taken from a character in Mel Brooks' movie "Young Frankenstein", a woman who has a strange relationship with horses.


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