Ifriqiyya Electrique + Gernas Haj Shekhmous

31/10/2017 - 31/10/2017

Rebel Up! and les ateliers claus present:

Ifriqiyya Electrique (tu)

Djerid, Sahara, between the salt desert and the oases of the Tunisian South. IFRIQIYYA ELECTRIQUE is a peculiar band. More than a concert, it’s the real adorcist rite of Sidi Marzûq practised by the Banga community, the former Haussas black slaves, which is performed.

"The devils are communicating with computers & electric guitars to recompose this ancient adorcist rite of possession and trance. No music note and no tempo were changed, for a transcendental now postindustrial ceremony."

These are not concerts but rites. The spirits possess bodies, asking to be fed through a music of obvious modernity : from Djerid until Ibiza discos or Moscow rock clubs, the need to forget oneself, to rise above life's tedium, is absolutely identical.


Gernas Haj Shekhmous (sy)

Kurdish traditional and sufi percussion

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