02/11/2017 - 02/12/2017

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Immanence is a philosophical term that designates the character of what has its principle in itself.

An immanent metaphysical principle is therefore a principle whose activity is not separable from what it acts on, but which constitutes it internally.

The community of Immanents brings together from 14 to 25 August 2017 in La Bellone, contributing individuals who persist in thinking that everything is contained in the nature of being. Their action lies in the need to organize a biotope in which only desire will be the driving force.

They live a life framed by desire, swept away by becoming, affected by a velocity that only the future can bestow.

The Immanents generate an emergency, the present which is pure expense and which insults the future and the economy. It is a question of immediate pleasure which is not related to the future, because it is useless. It is a dizziness, a swallowing of time and meanings, but not of meaning. A consumption, free, without avarice, without fear of missing later, because carelessness is rigor.

The action of the Immanents is not an investment, it is a sort of periodical annihilation of society. It is a free waste in the economic sense, not in the political sense.

The Immanents are made up of voluntary individuals, responding to the invitation aroused by the desire to join this artistic and political experience. They dance to exhaustion, eager to undertake a revolt. A persistent dance of collective individuation which shows the irreducibility of being in presence. Naked, they are as many affirmations of oneself as of social, aesthetic, economic demands.

IMMANENCES will be presented in the form of an exhibition. The installation will testify to the encounters made in August: videos of Immanents, and sound transparencies, videos, graphics, ...

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