International Brussels Tattoo Convention 2018


09/11/2018 - 11/11/2018

International Brussels Tattoo Convention 2018

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An international amazing meeting place once a year for 3 days in the heart of Europe !
The International Brussels Tattoo Convention is all about tattoos, music & art, custom cars & bikes, meeting new people, great entertainment and much more!

In the whole world people are starting to show their real self by adding tattoos on their body. For many people this is a way to express their feelings or views about art, remind their causes in their lives or just simply show the world their feelings or thoughts about certain things crossing their paths in life.

This is fantastic and we want to support this so much and share this with everybody!
Taking a tattoo is something special because its on your own body, only ment for you and chosen with your own mind a tattoo is meant for life and therefore we think it's very important to do this the right way

Thats why we are here for you, once a year to show you some of worlds finest tattoo artists that exist on this planet.
They are invited throughout the whole world to come to our convention and show their great art and tattoo styles.

On The international Brussels Tattoo Convention you can get tattooed by worlds finest tattoo artists, they will realy take time for you and give you a great piece of art on your body.

Don’t forget to check our fantastic weekend program on & off stage!
we are always the first to show you the best entertainment around so come check us out!

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