Jacqueline de Jong: The Ultimate Kiss


01/05/2021 - 15/08/2021

Jacqueline de Jong: The Ultimate Kiss :: © Jacqueline de Jong, The Ultimate Kiss, 2002-2012. Oil on canvas, 150 x 180 cm. Courtesy the artist and Château Shatto, Los Angeles.

WIELS shows one of the crucial artists from the post-war years of protest and revolt.

Jacqueline de Jong is a key figure of the avant- garde especially among the Situationist International group, radical critics of the consumer society. Playfully moving between styles and painterly idioms throughout her career, the artist displays a voracious interest in the painted image as a site for confusion and subversion. Her tone can lean towards the absurd and enigmatic, but always with a desire for figuration and physical presence, often collageing narrative, realistic fragments. In its spontaneity, de Jong’s excessive, expressive yet realistic style, her work exhibits uninhibited eroticism and sexual liberation.

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