Joachim Caffonnette Quintet (Jazz)


08/09/2018 - 08/09/2018

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In 6 years of activity, the band has changed its artistic direction, developing an organic sound as the members became more and more skilled. Each of them has been exploring different horizons, meeting up together again around Caffonnette’s compositions with fresh experiences and ideas. An alchemy between worlds that might seem very different at first glance. The quintet succeeds to mix together hard bop with late XIX’s century classical influences ; free jazz and Miles Davis’ rhythm-no-changes with electric atmospheres coming from guitarist’s pedalboard.

By letting the musicians express themselves in a literal as well as in a musical way, Joachim Caffonnette allowed his compostions to reach a new dimension, sometimes far away from the original idea he wrote on his music sheets in the first place. Nevertheless, he remains the guardian of a melodic and harmonic singularity that defines who he is as a composer. In that way, the music of the band navigates smoothly between very defined written parts and completely improvised codas or interludes, to offer a journey full of contrasts into sound and across genres.

In the era of planned obsolescence, the Joachim Caffonnette Quintet makes an attempt at keeping an organic and sustainable logic, while allowing an endless number of mutations. Their motto is: find the unexpected in an heterogeneous band with a homogeneous shape… Or is it other way around ?


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