La mouche est dans le vinaigre - Adrien Genoudet


26/03/2021 - 26/03/2021

La mouche est dans le vinaigre - Adrien Genoudet :: © © Hervé Vereonese - Centre Pompidou

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Bundles of memories, piles of photos and, on the sidelines of all this, a dead man. We have to reconstitute, build and weave all these remains to produce a book. Because all that is left of the dead man is the taste of vinegar, of things that go off, of the aftertaste of bad memories. Resistance - Indochina - Algeria: the journey taken by a body in the twentieth century through words that remain etched in our minds.

A project proposed by Anne Reverseau, researcher at the National Fund for Scientific Research and professor at UCL as part of the activities of the HANDLING group financed by the ERC.

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