Majd Abdel Hamid - A Stitch in Times


02/10/2021 - 04/12/2021

Majd Abdel Hamid  - A Stitch in Times :: © Majd Abdel Hamid

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Palestinian artist Majd Abdel Hamid works chiefly through the medium of small-scale,
often abstract and colourful embroideries, employing simple, humble materials
worked with great delicacy. As a self-taught embroiderer, Hamid’s works are the
fruit of a slow, laborious act of making, conceived as “sculptures in time” rather
than demonstrations of virtuosic skill. The hand-stitched works are artisanal, even
amateur in feel. Each is a record of its own imperfections, hesitations and omissions, that leaves visible the raw fabric of the support. The motifs – often left unfinished seem to derive from the history of modern art, from monochrome works
to geometric abstraction, and expressionism. Occasionally, figurative motifs
evoke scenes from documentary news footage, or portraits – reconstituted stitch
by stitch, as if pixellated. Majd Abdel Hamid’s work encompasses both radical
abstraction and an activist political stance, and offers a profound, open-ended
reflection on the artist’s role as a mediator of social issues, through a practice that
is by turns compulsive, therapeutic and resilient.

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