Nikolai Saratovsky Piano Recital


24/09/2018 - 24/09/2018

Nikolai Saratovsky Piano Recital

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Nikolai Saratovsky is an internationally acclaimed Russian concert pianist, said by many in the classical world to be having a "stellar career".

At only 31 he has won a number of major international piano competitions and has an extraordinary repertoire, ranging from Bach to the latest contemporary composers.

He has performed solo and with orchestras in 24 world capitals across the globe including New Zealand, Belgium, Luxembourg, USA, Portugal, Spain, Taiwan, Japan and Russia.

In 2015 Saratovsky became a member of the International Certificate for Piano Artists program (ICPA) based in Brussels. His talent for educating a growing generation of young musicians gives him the opportunity to give master classes in Japan, Russia, USA, Canada, Luxembourg and Taiwan. He studied at the Moscow State Conservatory with Professor Elena Richter graduating with the Award for Academic Excellence and a Master's degree and has gone on to win many awards, most notably the Russian President's Award for his musical accomplishments.

His development is followed by world renowned artists such as Dmitry Bashkirov, Nelson Delle-Vigne Fabbri, Philipp Entremont, Jerome Lowenthal, Michel Beroff, Robert Roux and Artiom Agazhanov.

SCHUBERT - Impromptus OP 90 , No 3 in G flat Major and No 2 in E flat Major.

SHOSTAKOVICH - Prelude and Fugue OP 87, No 7 in A major.

CHOPIN - Nocturne OP. 27, No 2 in D flat Major

CHOPIN - "Heroic" Polonaise Op 53 in A flat Major.

BRAHMS - OP 118. Six Pieces for Piano
- Intermezzo in A minor
- Intermezzo in A Major
- Intermezzo in G minor
- Intermezzo in F minor
- Romanze in F Major
- Intermezzo in E Flat minor.


RACHMANINOFF - _Etudes-Tableaux Op 39

No 1 in C minor
No 2 in A minor
No 3 in F- sharp minor
No 4 in B minor
No 5 in E-flat minor
No 6 in A minor
No 7 in C minor
No 8 in D minor
No 9 in D major

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