Ric Piccolo

18/08/2017 - 18/08/2017

Ric Piccolo (The man from Pampas) is an Argentine music producer and Dj who explores different genres such as Nu-Disco and Rare Grooves with experimental/leftfield concepts. He is also digger, reworker and mixer of all obscure gems from the Pampas seventies scene with his mix series “PampasDiscoShock” and his releases “AustralWorks”. Ric also heads a NuDisco LiveSet project Furor Exótica with the vocalist ‘Viky O’.

During the last years, Ric and Furor Exótica have performed at major events, festivals and clubs in Europe and South America such as Fusion Festival 2014 (Germany), Camp Cosmic (Sweden), Zukunft (Switzerland), Pimpernel (Munich), Golem (Hamburg), GAP (Vienna), Jolene (Copenhagen), Ciudad Emergente Festival (Argentina), Panorámica Festival (Argentina), Punto y Raya Festival (Spain/Argentina), Festival Argentino del Videoclip (Argentina), Ciudad Cultural Konex (Argentina) among many others.


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