Singular Plural | Fernanda Fragateiro


05/03/2021 - 10/04/2021

Singular Plural | Fernanda Fragateiro :: © Image © Fernanda Fragateiro,

Singular Plural

OPENING Thursday 4.03.21 from 2pm to 9pm
Exhibition 5.03 – 10.04

Irène Laub Gallery is glad to welcome Fernanda Fragateiro for her first solo show in Belgium. This major artist of the Portuguese contemporary art scene will present a series of modular wall sculptures made of overlapping metal grids.
“These new artworks follow the research that I have developed on the work of two artists who, at a certain time in their practice, turned their back to the art world. If I evoke Agnes Martin for the reference to the grid, distorting the predictability of its repetition, it is Charlotte Posenenske who inspires me for the modulation of the structure. The structure, multiplied and adapted in different ways, is understood not only as a question of composition, but also as an action that goes against exclusivity. My interest lies in the construction and repetition, reading and perception of space, but also in the questions inherent in the physical constitution of the elements presented in a reflection around the idea of opposition. And, playing on the contrast between solidity and transparency, robustness and delicacy, I allow the obvious and the subtle to meet each other.” — Fernanda Fragateiro, 2021

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Image © Fernanda Fragateiro, "Disappearance (pink)", 2021, Lacquered stainless steel, 92 x 75 x 7 cm (photo by Bruno Lopes)

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