21/09/2017 - 21/10/2017

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This exhibition is presented in collaboration with CIFAS.

Transcription is a multidisciplinary project. It explores, from performance, video, writing and cartography, a specific urban perimeter in Brussels: the neighborhood around the Fedasil Center Le Petit-Château and its various micro-urban areas.
As a sensitive map where everyone would come to draw their own stories, body habits, memories or sensations, the Transcription project transforms the public space into a place of artistic experimentation in which everyone can physically and emotionally register, beyond their own personal history or origins.
Developed with a group of inhabitants of the Petit Château and its neighborhood, Transcription is also a participative project. The diversity of the participants' sociocultural profiles serves as a starting point for inventing ways of living in this space that is common to all but that artistic practice then leads to reinvesting in other ways. Whether Brussels is the city of origin, a stopover town, or the destination city after a long migratory journey, it becomes a playground for those who see cultural differences, especially the multiple uses of public space. An exciting source of experimentation.
How to transcribe one’s bodily habits from one place of life to another?
How can we walk, look, appropriate the public space when we simultaneously take into account the memory of the body and the new devices to which it must de facto adapt?
What can be done about these clashes, which sometimes touch on the absurd, how do the bodies that pass from radically different urban conceptions and arrangements react?
Through various practices (writing, body and video) we question the multiple codes and social practices of each one in the public space. We work to assemble, superimpose, divert all these urban trajectories to propose, in the end, a collective re-transcription. To move between our subjective cartographies and the territory associated with them, the one that is common to us.
It is this research that the Transcription project transcribed in a video and visual installation.
With the participation of a group of inhabitants of Brussels.

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