Zine Club Online: Carla Besora


16/03/2021 - 16/03/2021

Zine Club Online: Carla Besora

Zines (as in 'magazine' or 'fanzine') are homemade booklets of texts, collages and/or illustrations. They're a playground for young literary and graphic talent and are usually self-published, using an old-fashioned Xerox machine. 

In Zine Club, illustrators, storytellers and tinkerers meet to make zines together. A special guest provides inspiration: every week, a different zine maker or collective comes in to draw along and talk about their work.

This week’s special guest is Carla Besora. Carla studied illustration in Barcelona and visual art in Ghent. She ping-pongs between both worlds, combining commissioned work with experimental projects. These have taken the shape of miniature drawings, written stories, glass sculptures, participative installations and self-publishing adventures. Her books have been published in Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Taiwan.

How does it work?

For the time being, Zine Club takes place online (Zoom). We'll take things offline as soon as we can.
Advance registration is required. One day in advance, you'll receive an email with a link to the video chat.
To log in: click the link in the email and follow instructions.
Make sure you have plenty of paper and drawing materials at hand.

The main language of Zine Club is English, but everyone's welcome. Bring your friends.

- - -

Zine Club is de wekelijkse afspraak voor iedereen die houdt van tekenen, schrijven, knippen en plakken. De special guest steekt een handje toe. Laat je creativiteit de vrije loop en maak zines samen.

De voertaal van Zine Club is Engels, maar iedereen is welkom. Breng je vrienden mee.

- - -

Zine Club, c’est le rendez-vous hebdomadaire de tous les amateurs de dessin, d’écriture, de découpage et de collage. Un invité d’honneur vient vous prêter main forte. Laissez libre cours à votre créativité et créez des zines ensemble.

La langue principale du Zine Club est l'anglais, mais tout le monde est le bienvenu. Amenez vos amis.

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