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Your event between art + design in the only Museum & Art Center dedicated
to art & design from the 20th century until today, situated just a stone’s
throw from the Atomium.
The permanent exhibition o ers an original view of the history of techniques,
tastes and ideas from 1960 to the present day, through the remarkable
Plasticarium collection. This is composed of 2.000 objects, all made
of plastic.
This collection brings both happy reunions and rediscoveries! Everything
is done in the aim the visitor can re-establish contact with his near or
distant past, recognize former sensations and realize that these objects
are both a re ection of his own personal history and of the History that
gave rise to them.
Our o er includes an arty & creative & atmosphere in amazing convertible
spaces with the opportinuty to be inspired by private guided tours.

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Auditorium + Agora 660 0 250 500 650 320
Auditorium 400 0 250 200 350 220
Agora 260 0 0 0 250 0
Gallery 136 0 70 0 120 50
LAB 84 0 0 60 60 0
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