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Auvicom has a very large equipment stock along with experienced technicians - the experience we buildup in sales on the one hand and sales on the other makes a perfect synergy of our general audiovisual know how.

This fact combined with a IT approach makes auvicom a unique company in Belgium.
We have the flexibility af a Av company with the knowhow of AV&IT experience.


We do follow a lots of regulations regarding CSR policy - the use of led lights, installation of solar panels, drive with CNG cars & bycicles, recyvling of carpet, curtains, isomoblocks etc, has always been stimulated inside auvicom.


- b2b rental of audiovisual equipment
- b2b sales of audiovisual equipment
- after sales & support of audiovisual equipment


- BESA, Belgian Event Supplier Association
- AVIXA, Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association


- Audi Brussels - large event jobs

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