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Hotel Amigo, a Rocco Forte hotel, is a place where history is mixed with contemporary charm, just like Brussels. Located 56 steps from the magnificent Grand Place and close to the Dansaert shopping street and the European Institutions, Hotel Amigo offers guests unparalleled service and style.
Hotel Amigo provides the perfect venue for hosting events for up to 200 guests. From gala receptions to intimate family celebrations, guests can enjoy menus created by the chef at Ristorante BoCConi, in one of the six well-appointed meeting rooms, ballroom or the Royal Suite.
Hotel Amigo has adopted the best practices in term of safety and hygiene and has been rewarded with the Brussels Health and Safety Label as well as the GBAC© Certification, the highest level of sanitary safety and security for infrastructures welcoming a public audience.
Hotel Amigo benefits from a strategic location in the heart of the European Capital, close to the international airport or the main train stations.

Oppervlakte Hoogte Theater School Cocktail Banket Tolken
Conferences Facilities
Ambassador A+B 225 4.0 120 100 200 120
Horta 76 2.4 45 34 45 40
Rotonde 56 4.0 0 0 65 40
Hergé A+B 54 2.2 26 24 30 32
Van de Velde 51 2.2 30 0 25 20
Brel 24 2.5 0 0 0 8
Oppervlakte (voet) Oppervlakte (meter) Hoogte Deuren
Exhibitions Facilities Breedte Hoogte
Ambassador A+B 2421 225 4.0 0.0 4.0
Rotonde 602 56 4.0 2.25 2.25

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