Huis Grote Markt n°19 - "Les Choux de Bruxelles"

This elegant classical house, as its name implies, is situated right on Brussels Grand’Place. It’s a historic city mansion, a listed building and the only one on the square to open its doors for events.
Maison Grand-Place offers a variety of reception areas over two floors. A must : the room with a view overlooking this most beautiful of squares. It’s the best way to experience all the festivities which are organised there : the historic Ommegang Parade, the Festival of Winter Wonders celebrating Christmas, new year and many more.
It’s the ideal place to host your top contacts, organise an exclusive cocktail or a private party in a unique setting at the historic heart of Brussels.

Oppervlakte Hoogte Theater School Cocktail Banket Tolken
Conferences Facilities
Ground Floor 160 3 0 60 200 150
First floor 130 2 0 130 150 130
Oppervlakte (voet) Oppervlakte (meter) Hoogte Deuren
Exhibitions Facilities Breedte Hoogte
Ground Floor 1722 160 3 0.0 0.0
First floor 1399 130 2 0.0 0.0

Praktische info