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Mini-europe, the most beautiful miniature park in Europe that gives a european dimension to your event is situated right next to the famous Atomium. In Mini-Europe you can find monuments recreated down to the smallest detail on a scale of 1/25th.
In this unique surrounding with easy access and parking facilities we can offer you 100% exclusivity in 3 different rooms with view on the park. In total we can welcome up to 650 persons,if you wish to organise an event for more guests we also have possibilities to provide extra tents.
In the evening the park can be illuminated by a thousand and one lights
with the possibility to organise an exclusive laser show.

We also offer an outstanding catering service (not obliged) adapted to your budget!
Mini-Europe can host cocktail parties,staff parties,family days, seminars, product presentations,…

Oppervlakte Hoogte Theater School Cocktail Banket Tolken
Conferences Facilities
400 3 0 0 200 0
250 2 0 0 350 250
Covered terrace 200 3 0 0 250 200
100 2 100 70 120 100
Oppervlakte (voet) Oppervlakte (meter) Hoogte Deuren
Exhibitions Facilities Breedte Hoogte

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