Musea van de Stad Brussel (Broodhuis)

Musea van de Stad Brussel (Broodhuis) Musea van de Stad Brussel (Broodhuis) Musea van de Stad Brussel (Broodhuis)

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Located on the Grand-Place, one of the most prestigious sites in Europe, this magnificent neo-gothic building houses a large collection of works of art (paintings, sculptures, prints, scale models, etc.) that illustrate the rich history of Brussels. The City Museum of Brussels also presents the original statue of Manneken-Pis.

This is an unforgettable setting for receiving important guests and offering them incomparable cultural surroundings: there are several programs for a guided tour of the permanent collections and the Grand Place To Be space and receptions as well as cocktails may be arranged in the evening. The museum is situated in the heart of Brussels next to main hotels where easy parking areas are available for cars and coaches.

Oppervlakte Hoogte Theater School Cocktail Banket Tolken
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Room's on the first floor 259 6.6 100 0 100 0
Oppervlakte (voet) Oppervlakte (meter) Hoogte Deuren
Exhibitions Facilities Breedte Hoogte

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