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This establishment has been awarded the Brussels Health Safety Label
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The Center’s prestigious great hall, light pit, mezzanines, auditorium and side rooms are available for hire throughout the year for dinners, cocktail parties, press conferences etc. Guests at these events may visit the center’s exhibitions free of charge.
With absolute respect for the general public of the Center, cocktail parties, gala dinners, seminars, press conferences and high-level meetings can be held in the same venue, either outside opening times if located in areas normally open to the public such as the light pit or the famous entrance hall with its emblematic street lamp, or during opening hours if they are held in side rooms not open to the public.
Every year the BCSC hosts over 120 events: press conferences, seminars, business meeting and presentations, weddings and private parties…
These can take up to 1,200 persons standing.

Oppervlakte Hoogte Theater School Cocktail Banket Tolken
Conferences Facilities
Clockroom 220 6.0 300 100 400 200
Auditorium Bob de Moor 100 6.0 140 50 0 0
Meetingroom 50 6.0 50 10 50 40
Oppervlakte (voet) Oppervlakte (meter) Hoogte Deuren
Exhibitions Facilities Breedte Hoogte

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