La vie matérielle


09/12/2021 - 13/03/2022

La vie matérielle

O conteúdo não está disponível em português. Por isso, é apresentado noutro idioma.

CENTRALE presents the exhibition La Vie matérielle (09.12.2021 > 13.03.2022), a dialogue between 12 Italian and Belgian artists on the link between art and life.

La Vie matérielle, named after the book of the same name by Marguerite Duras, explores and relates the artistic journey to personal experience.
Both Duras’ book and the works in the exhibition are defined by a constant dialogue between ordinary everyday life (of which the body is a crucial element) and the inner, intimate life, torn between its deepest aspirations and reality.

Through provocative or questioning narratives, fragile or energetic stagings, these very diverse works (assemblages, videos, drawings, sculptures, installations) blend the finished and the unfinished, the knowing and the sensing.
The exhibition integrates and explores several senses, in particular vision and touch, through a journey that takes the viewer inside a kind of emotional and mental spider’s web, hoping that at the end of the journey, we will have gained new perspectives on how we perceive and read our shared ‘material world’, and the link that art allows us to create between our body and our inner world.

A collaboration between Palazzo Magnani (Reggio Emilia) and CENTRALE for contemporary art (Brussels)

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