Les Flyings


19/03/2021 - 19/03/2021

Les Flyings

O conteúdo não está disponível em português. Por isso, é apresentado noutro idioma.

At both ends of the world, there are two bridges and a huge gap. On one side, a team turns back to the mainland. On the other side, someone gets lost and can’t find their way back. In the middle of the empty space, a trapeze is their only chance. but land is still too far away.

To join the other ones, you have to jump. Once you’ve accepted and overcome your fear, balancing on a trapeze is addictive. The destination becomes a meaningless pretext; only crossing matters. Good-bye arrival, Good-bye departure, Good-bye landmarks: you have to give it your all and not go back to a standstill position.

The in-between is your homeland: non hay caminos, hay que caminar.

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