Yellow / The Sorrows of Belgium II: Rex


01/05/2020 - 02/05/2020

Yellow / The Sorrows of Belgium II: Rex

O conteúdo não está disponível em português. Por isso, é apresentado noutro idioma.

In the trilogy The Sorrows of Belgium, director Luk Perceval zooms in on the Belgian tricolour and on three darker moments in Belgian history: the exploitation of Congo under Leopold II in Black, the collaboration with the German occupier during World War II in Yellow and the terrorist attacks in Brussel in Red.

1936. A new generation dreams of a Unified Reich. They are conservative, anti-liberal, anti-Marxist and racist. Leon Degrelle was one of them. The Belgian politician formed the Rex fascist party in 1936. During the Second World War he raised the Walloon Legion, a unit of the SS that fought on the Eastern Front. With the end of the war, in 1945 Degrelle was sentenced to death by default. He lived in Spain until 1994 where he had taken on a new identity, supported by the dictator Franco. As a military politician, Léon Degrelle symbolised the growing fascism that surfaced all over Europe in the thirties.

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