sspeciess - Daniel Linehan / Hiatus


12/06/2020 - 13/06/2020

sspeciess - Daniel Linehan / Hiatus sspeciess - Daniel Linehan / Hiatus sspeciess - Daniel Linehan / Hiatus

O conteúdo não está disponível em português. Por isso, é apresentado noutro idioma.

Daniel Linehan draws inspiration from the British philosopher and ecologist Timothy Morton. Central to his work is the idea that nothing ever really disappears. Everything we discard or emit remains present somewhere, like an echo of past actions that we cannot ignore. Along with five other dancers and musician Michael Schmid, Linehan creates a choreography in which the lighting, the scenography, the costumes, the movement, and the music each dominate the stage in turn, and then fade to make space for the others. This constant cycle of emergence and disappearance creates an interplay in which unnoticed elements suddenly demand your attention, eliciting unsuspected moments of wonder.
• Daniel Linehan studied dance in Seattle and in Brussels, at PARTS. His work explores interactions between dance and non-dance, unusual combinations, oppositions and parallels between texts, movements, images, songs, videos, and rhythms. Almost all of his work has been shown at Kaaitheater, including most recently Body of Work, Un Sacre du Printemps, and Flood.

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