Escape Grand Place - Incentive & Team building

Escape Grand Place - Incentive & Team building

O conteúdo não está disponível em português. Por isso, é apresentado noutro idioma.

Do you know the new international phenomenon "Escape room"?

Locked in a room with your colleagues (5-10 people), you have 60 minutes to get out of there !!

With its success by being the first to open an « escape room » in Brussels, Alleluias Events decided to move to the next "Escape room" generation :

The Giant

who can accommodate over 400 people simultaneously.


By choosing famous places such as the Grand Place in Brussels (or why not your office or venue) we guarantee you moments of leisure and cultural discoveries suitable for everyone.

Story :

The Grand Place of Brussels, described by Victor Hugo as the most beautiful place in the world, holds many mysteries.

From Freemasonry through alchemy, many experts have studied the issue and found no real answers.

Yet the agency "CSI Brussels" just get hold of a document dated 5 March 1695 (day of the bombing by our French friends). Against all odds, it indicates that the Grand Place will be the victim of another attack on the day of your event! In exactly two hours!!

This is the time you have to find the right door and escape from there safe and sound!

You and your group are stuck on the Grand Place. If you leave, everything explodes!

Two hours, it is the time you have to find the right door and escape from there safe and sound!


Your group will be divided into teams of 10 people. Each team will receive an old box closed with a padlock.

Your first mission:

to open the chest as quickly as possible!

But how?

And what if elements appears on your chest and you combined it with a date shown above the Swan House? Maybe it could help you to find a 4-digit combination?

In your box are gathered several observation pieces (binoculars, magnifying glass and a photo list).

This is the start of your "journey" on the Grand Place of Brussels. Bunch of other objects are still to be found.

But where?

Several characters in black suit and sunglasses, belonging to the “CSI Brussels” team will be present to deliver you gradually True and False tracks and help you advance in your « career ».

By solving a series of fun and cultural riddles, logic and timed observation, you will experience an unforgettable adventure in which

YOU will be the hero!

A unique moment teamwork, communication and listening will be your best allies. Share the news with your colleagues and your first book Escape outdoor room in Brussels !!!

Important note:

This program is adaptable whatever your seminar held
throughout Belgium!

Budget Includes:

- Entertainers and actors trilingual
- Props (keys, boxes, locks, riddles, …)
- Escape Concept Outdoor Room
- Sound and micro
- Transport of our team (A / R)
- Transport of our equipment

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